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The Energy of Violence

People have always been violent with one another to survive. There have always been wars.

We know that those trained to kill and destroy others lives, cause trouble in their societies, when the war is over.

We know that putting First Nation’s children in residential schools where they were physically and emotionally abused has created mighty rivers of violence and addiction and sorrow that will flow through our society for many more generations.

We know that sexually abused children often become abusers.

Many of us want peace.

Peace will not come as long as the energy of violence is allowed to keep transmitting itself from adult to child, from stranger to stranger, country to country.

We know how to stop this but often our own wounds prevent us from acting.

The most physically and emotionally wounded must be treated with compassion and care. We must help them to release the energy that drives them to pass their wounds on. They must be seen and recognized, not as the poor, the addicted, and the insane, but as those whom we ALL have allowed to be hurt most grievously, while we have attempted to protect ourselves from the same hurt.

We must show our compassion and care with food, housing, and companionship. They cannot be expected to "work" for these things because of their wounds. We must not make them beg. When they can help us in return, they will.

None of us escapes this life un-hurt. It should be our life's work NOT to pass on our wounds to those around us and after us. It should be our life's work to heal the wounds we can.

All our children should be raised with the knowledge that physical and emotional wounding is as dangerous to us all as a nuclear bomb. They should know that the harsh word and the physical blow start a chain reaction of pain and sorrow that will be passed on from person to person until someone can reach out and help transform it.

In many religions this energy is called evil or Satan. It is not evil. It is our bodies responding to the energy we receive, and passing it on. Albert Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

We must understand that those so damaged that we can only lock them away and call it justice, are but ourselves, in other bodies suffering from different wounds.

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